Engagement Photographs at Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad

November 22, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

We had a great time at the Carrillo Ranch in Carlsbad capturing Ashley and Jeremy’s engagement photographs. The peacocks were running around and natural light was beautiful. The ranch is pretty historic, founded in the 1800’s and still standing with most of the original building materials. If your wondering if they hold weddings they do! Yeah, they actually have a pretty cool setup and there is so much space there.001-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch

Ashley and Jeremy have been dating for a year or so and really excited to get married. After hanging out with them for an afternoon its pretty obvious they were meant for each other. As you can see in the engagement photos they are so cute together. Not just because of the country style outfits and their willingness to get close together for photos! They are just a perfect match, something words cant describe!

Enough of my rambling now to Ashley and Jeremy’s engagement session…

002-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 003-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 004-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 005-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 006-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 007-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 008-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 009-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 010-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 011-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 012-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 013-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 014-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 015-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 016-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch 017-engagement_leo_carrilo_ranch

I would love an opportunity to capture wedding photographs at the Leo Carrillo Ranch. If your getting married there give me a call and I can tailor a special wedding package for you.


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