Fun Engagement Pictures at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula

December 18, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

One of my favorite wineries in Temecula is Wilson Creek Winery. Not just because of the beautiful landscaping, architecture, and vineyards but also because of the staff there are so friendly and warm. If any of you are looking for a fantastic wedding venue with a good heart, please consider Wilson Creek Winery because they are one of the best!


Jeff and Sharon had a lot of fun during our engagement session at Wilson Creek, as you can see in the photos. They were all smiles and definitely in love. We just hung out and worked together to get some natural and creative engagement photos for Sharon to use on her “Save the Date” cards. After about an hour God decided it was time for some rain. So we headed inside and got a few pictures in front of the beautiful Christmas tree that Wilson Creek has on display. Sharon loves Christmas so I am glad that we got these last photos.

Oh but wait, Jeff had a great idea of me getting some photos of them running through the rain. GREAT IDEA! So I went ahead and prepared for some action shots. When Jeff and Sharon got halfway to the parking lot, they stopped and kissed in the pouring rain which was perfect for a photography at Wilson Creek Winery. Sharon didn’t even know it was coming nor did I! It was pretty romantic and a great memory for them! This wasn’t the first time Jeff stepped up, he also found a rose for her and it was perfect for my style of candid photos.

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Im so excited for their wedding this spring and cant wait to photograph their BIG day. They are such a joyful couple I am sure the wedding is going to be a lot of fun!


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