Julie’s Birthday in Temecula Wine Country

September 25, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

Last Friday I got a call from Julie asking if I would photograph her Birthday celebration. It was going to be a huge traveling party from winery to winery in Temecula and she wanted some great photos to remember it. I quickly accepted and asked when? She said tomorrow! :) 013-Julies-Bday

How exciting! Ive never gotten to do something like this, in fact Ive never been wine tasting (I know I have no excuses I live 2 min away). So I was stoked to see what the big deal was about wine tasting in Temecula.

Julie and her friends had soooo much fun! Just watching them made me want to make some plans for my birthday this year! They started at South Coast Winery and Resort then the Party Bus took them to Mount Palomar. And then onto Thornton for the grand finale! The wine is good, but its nothing without your best friends and family. Julie is blessed with so many friends, I mean they packed a huge party bus. Here are some of the photographs from their adventure in Temecula Wine Country.

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