Baby Addison: Another One of God’s Miracles

March 03, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Last week I finally got to capture newborn photos of baby Addison. After being in the hospital and undergoing open heart surgery, Addison is a very happy little baby. Only by prayer and the grace of God did I have this opportunity to photograph baby Addison in her home.

Can I get a “Thank God hallelujah”?005-Addison-Newborn-Photos

I don’t understand why he calls some home early and not others but I trust he is in control. And I am so thankful that baby Addison is here with us today. Her parents are amazing and love her so much.

Praise the Lord for another miracle!001-Addison-Newborn-Photos 002-Addison-Newborn-Photos 003-Addison-Newborn-Photos 004-Addison-Newborn-Photos 006-Addison-Newborn-Photos 007-Addison-Newborn-Photos 008-Addison-Newborn-Photos 009-Addison-Newborn-Photos 010-Addison-Newborn-Photos 011-Addison-Newborn-Photos 012-Addison-Newborn-Photos 013-Addison-Newborn-Photos 014-Addison-Newborn-Photos 015-Addison-Newborn-Photos 016-Addison-Newborn-Photos 017-Addison-Newborn-Photos 018-Addison-Newborn-Photos 019-Addison-Newborn-Photos 020-Addison-Newborn-Photos 021-Addison-Newborn-Photos 022-Addison-Newborn-Photos


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