Spring Engagement Photography in a Field of Temecula Wildflowers

March 07, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

We headed out to the outskirts of town for some fun engagement photography in Temecula. Its springtime now in Southern California so we hiked up to this little secret field of wild flowers. It required a little uphill hiking but was well worth it for the incredible views and feeling that you are on top of the world. It was like you could reach out and touch the clouds. I had a blast hanging out with Patrick and Lex and getting to know all about them. I think Lex was smiling the entire time and Patrick had cartoon hearts floating over him! 001-wildflower-field-engagement-photos

002-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 003-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 004-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 005-Patrick Lex_Engagement 005-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 006-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 007-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 008-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 009-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 010-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 011-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 012-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 013-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 014-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 015-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 016-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 017-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 018-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula

After he flower field we headed over to our friend’s ranch for some more engagement photographs. This was probably the most fun I have had taking photographs in a long time. Its gonna be tough to top this one! Im sure their wedding at The Grand Tradition is going to be even more beautiful, and I cant wait! If you Like these photos show me some love on my Anibaldi Studio Facebook Page.

019-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 020-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 021-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 022-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 023-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 024-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 025-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 026-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 028-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 029-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 030-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 031-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 032-Spring-Engagement-Photography-Temecula 122-Patrick Lex_Engagement


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