Shealee’s Awesome Senior Photos

April 17, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Getting to hang out with Shealee while capturing her senior photographs in Valley Center and Oceanside was a lot of fun. She is fun-loving, easy-going, and has a beautiful smile. In town to visit her grandparents she decided that she really wanted to do her senior photos at the beach. And we couldn’t pass up getting a few rustic farm style senior photos at Bates Nut Farm too!

My favorite part of the senior photo session was at the Oceanside Pier. It was high tide and we climbed over these rocks to get real close to the pier and crashing waves. Getting everything setup was tricky but totally worth it. I forgot my sandals in the car and that ended up being a BIG mistake. While capturing some senior pictures at the beach with the sunset, I didn’t realize the wave approaching and my shoes got drenched! Hahaha, I’m not going to forget my sandals next time!

Shealee has a very bright future and even hinted at coming out to San Diego for college. No matter where she goes she has a very bright future and it was a pleasure getting to photograph her senior shots!

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