Beautiful Wedding Photography in Palm Springs

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Sharon & Jeff’s wedding was BIG! Lots of family, friends, and good times, life doesn’t get much better than this for capturing beautiful wedding photography in Palm Springs. Sharon and Jeff have been an item for some time now and their wedding ceremony and reception was so heartfelt. I loved all of the stories and their engagement video with old pictures was a lot of fun!002-palm-springs-wedding-photography

Sharon is such a sweetheart and it was such a pleasure getting to be apart of her beautiful wedding day! She made my job so easy because she looked absolutely stunning in her dress. My favorite part of the day was getting to drive around on golf carts and stop to take photos wherever we wanted. It was awesome! I also got to work with some great wedding professionals too.

Without further ado here are some of the top pictures from their sunny Palm Springs wedding…001-palm-springs-wedding-photography 003-palm-springs-wedding-photography 004-palm-springs-wedding-photography 005-palm-springs-wedding-photography 006-palm-springs-wedding-photography 007-palm-springs-wedding-photography 008-palm-springs-wedding-photography 009-palm-springs-wedding-photography 010-palm-springs-wedding-photography 011-palm-springs-wedding-photography 012-palm-springs-wedding-photography 013-palm-springs-wedding-photography 014-palm-springs-wedding-photography 015-palm-springs-wedding-photography 016-palm-springs-wedding-photography 017-palm-springs-wedding-photography 018-palm-springs-wedding-photography 019-palm-springs-wedding-photography 020-palm-springs-wedding-photography 021-palm-springs-wedding-photography 022-palm-springs-wedding-photography 023-palm-springs-wedding-photography 024-palm-springs-wedding-photography

Jeff is such a cool guy and I am so happy he found Sharon. My favorite photo of the day, is with me an Jeff. Yeah, how cool is that, the groom wanted a pic with his photographer!!! It made my day and this photo is going into a special file! That is me on the right!

025-palm-springs-wedding-photography 026-palm-springs-wedding-photography 027-palm-springs-wedding-photography 028-palm-springs-wedding-photography 029-palm-springs-wedding-photography 030-palm-springs-wedding-photography 031-palm-springs-wedding-photography 032-palm-springs-wedding-photography 033-palm-springs-wedding-photography 034-palm-springs-wedding-photography 035-palm-springs-wedding-photography 036-palm-springs-wedding-photography 037-palm-springs-wedding-photography 038-palm-springs-wedding-photography 039-palm-springs-wedding-photography 040-palm-springs-wedding-photography 041-palm-springs-wedding-photography 042-palm-springs-wedding-photography


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