Beautiful Coronado Wedding | Ryan+Jennifer

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While photographing a beautiful wedding in Coronado I realized that Jennifer’s beauty goes deeper than her makeup. It was a pleasure to be a part of her day because of what a sweetheart she is. I am so thankful to have such awesome clients. Ryan was also a saint and what an amazing life they are going to have together!


The bride and groom planned their wedding day like pros. I was genuinely impressed with how well thought out everything was. A few people said that it was because she hired the best vendors around, and while that helps it really helps when the bride has a clear vision of what she wants. Jennifer’s wedding had a very elegant and timeless style. Her dress was absolutely stunning as you will see in the photographs below. The wedding took place right between the water and the sand on the silver strand in Coronado.

I was singing God praises the whole day because the light was perfect. Soft and flattering all day. We ended the night with the photobooth. Oh my gosh it was such a great time. Once t ephotobooth opened it felt like everyone was waiting in line to dress up for a goofy photo. We were printing them on t espot for the guest book and a second/third/fourth copy for people to take home with them. It went awesome and I have to give a BIG thank you to Kevin my 2nd shooter. It literally wouldn’t have been possible without him. Thanks Kevin!

Congrats to the Bride and groom and best of luck to you guys even though you don’t need it!!! Winking smile

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