Travis + Courtney’s Wedding Album Design

January 06, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Courtney picked out all the photos that she wanted in the album. After I had put together the first design she was able to review it and send me her comments. I then revised te design before fabricating the album so that it would be perfect! It is there first family heirloom and I wanted it to be perfect!

001-Travis Courtney_album 002-Travis Courtney_album 003-Travis Courtney_album 004-Travis Courtney_album 005-Travis Courtney_album 006-Travis Courtney_album 007-Travis Courtney_album 008-Travis Courtney_album 009-Travis Courtney_album 010-Travis Courtney_album 011-Travis Courtney_album 012-Travis Courtney_album 013-Travis Courtney_album 014-Travis Courtney_album 015-Travis Courtney_album 016-Travis Courtney_album 017-Travis Courtney_album 018-Travis Courtney_album 019-Travis Courtney_album 020-Travis Courtney_album 021-Travis Courtney_album


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