Palomar Mountain Engagement with Chris and Jackie!

June 02, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Im so blessed to be a Temecula Engagement Photographer! Chris planned an amazing engagement session for his fiance! A hike to a flower field and special boat ride on the water. He has always considered these places special, and how much more special are they now that he has made memories there. I always love getting to be on Palomar Mountain, especially French Valley. This is the perfect time of year for that picturesque landscape! Temecula Engagement Photographer

Chris also had a very specific idea for a photo that he wanted, in fact his vision in his mind was perfectly clear. The idea was that him and his fiance would be on the water in the boat a little before sunset. Capturing the moment from the SW would allow the sun to break through the trees and shine a ray of light on them! Ya Chris makes us all look bad, he is such a romantic and Jackie is a lucky girl! I have to also say that Jackie has a heart of gold and Chris is also a lucky guy!

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