Swami’s Beach Engagement Photo Session!

August 01, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

It was a pleasure capturing Steve and Linzee’s engagement photo session at one of my all time favorite beaches… Swami’s. Steve and Linzee are very excited to get married and I am so happy for them. They are inseparable and do almost everything together. Im reminded of when I was young and in love with my wife-to-be. If we werent together we were thinking about the next time that we could see each other, between class, after school, maybe dinner or at the gym! The good ole days before kids! Im glad Linzee and Steve are enjoying life together and building a great life together.


Capturing their photos was easy, everytime they looked at each other it was like they were thinking of an inside joke or something because they were always smiling and laughing! I cant wait for the wedding but until then enjoy these beach engagement photographs!

001-Swami 002-Swami 003-Swami 005-Swami 006-Swami 007-Swami 008-Swami 009-Swami 010-Swami 011-Swami 012-Swami 013-Swami 014-Swami 015-Swami 016-Swami 017-Swami 018-Swami 019-Swami 020-Swami 021-Swami 022-Swami 023-Swami 024-Swami 025-Swami 026-Swami 027-Swami


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