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Country Backyard Wedding Photography

November 01, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

I met Nicole and Wayne at another country wedding at the Long Shadow Ranch in Temecula. They brought so much life to the party that they ended up showing up in a lot of the photos! 6 months down the road they called me up and said they were getting married!016-Domenigoni_Wedding-texture

They wanted awesome wedding photos just like their friends Courtney and Travis received from their country wedding! When I heard about Nicole’s wedding plans I was even more excited. She was planning a one of a wedding on her property with a rustic vintage theme. It turned out awesome, and her home will be special for the rest of her life, cause Im sure every time she goes out in the backyard she will be able to remember that’s where we said our vows, shared our first kiss as a married couple, and that’s where I shoved the cake in your face!!! Oh yeah there was a whole lot of cake flying everywhere! In fact the entire cake got thrown, missed its target and landed on a guest! Everyone was laughing and having a great time.

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My favorite part of the night though was when I had the kids aim there hay throwing towards my camera. After a couple of shots I felt more and more hay and decided to abandon ship. But the kids pursued, luckily Nicole saved and and began fighting the hay battle with the little munchkins. Check out the photos below to see how that turned out!This was a very memorable wedding. everything was handmade. Most of it by the bride and groom themselves. I had a great time capturing these memories and wish Nicole and Wayne a happily ever after!


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