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Wedding Photography in Fallbrook, Ca

November 25, 2011  •  Leave a Comment

Praise the Lord for everything working out so beautifully at Ryan and Satig’s Wedding day. If it wasn’t for the Fallbrook weather turning out as good as it did, we would not have been able to capture the outdoor wedding portraits that we did. There was a 30% chance of rain and a lot of intimidating clouds around. Everyone’s prayers were answered though because it didn’t rain on their wedding day!005-Wedding-11-19-11-1

009-Wedding-11-19-11-1 019-Wedding-11-19-11-1 024-Wedding-11-19-11-1 033-Wedding-11-19-11-1 043-Wedding-11-19-11-1 045-Wedding-11-19-11 047-Wedding-11-19-11-1 061-Wedding-11-19-11 068-Wedding-11-19-11 080-Wedding-11-19-11 082-Wedding-11-19-11-1 089-Wedding-11-19-11-1 101-Wedding-11-19-11-1 109-Wedding-11-19-11-1 119-Wedding-11-19-11-1 137-Wedding-11-19-11 144-Wedding-11-19-11 154-Wedding-11-19-11 171-Wedding-11-19-11 176-Wedding-11-19-11 183-Wedding-11-19-11 185-Wedding-11-19-11 188-Wedding-11-19-11 189-Wedding-11-19-11 193-Wedding-11-19-11 194-Wedding-11-19-11 194-Wedding-11-19-11-2 197-Wedding-11-19-11 198-Wedding-11-19-11 202-Wedding-11-19-11 205-Wedding-11-19-11 214-Wedding-11-19-11 216-Wedding-11-19-11 220-Wedding-11-19-11

221-Wedding-11-19-11 250-Wedding-11-19-11 258-Wedding-11-19-11 259-Wedding-11-19-11 262-Wedding-11-19-11 266-Wedding-11-19-11-1 274-Wedding-11-19-11 280-Wedding-11-19-11-1 283-Wedding-11-19-11 297-Wedding-11-19-11-1 327-Wedding-11-19-11 329-Wedding-11-19-11-1 333-Wedding-11-19-11 337-Wedding-11-19-11 340-Wedding-11-19-11 343-Wedding-11-19-11 351-Wedding-11-19-11-1 353-Wedding-11-19-11-1 371-Wedding-11-19-11-1 385-Wedding-11-19-11-1 389-Wedding-11-19-11-1 394-Wedding-11-19-11 396-Wedding-11-19-11-1 408-Wedding-11-19-11-1 412-Wedding-11-19-11-1 415-Wedding-11-19-11-1 417-Wedding-11-19-11-1 446-Wedding-11-19-11-1 If there are any photographers reading this…This was my first wedding shooting with the Canon 5D Mark II. OH MY GOSH! I cant believe I hadn’t splurged on this full frame camera before. I’m not one to plug equipment because I believe it’s the photographer who creates a photograph and not a camera, but wow. I love the image quality even at high isos of 3200. This comes in really handy inside a dimly lit church. The focus accuracy was much better than my 50D and battery life was better too. The image quality is gorgeous. Did I mention image quality yet? The bokeh is buttery smooth and the focal points are tack sharp.


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