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Tony + Nicky | A Beautiful Church Wedding in San Diego

July 31, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Tony and Nicky were married at the beautiful Saint Mary’s Catholic Church and it was an honor to be their San Diego Wedding Photographer. The entire wedding was very personal and having grown up with Tony this wedding was very close to my heart. I am so happy that he found such an amazing wife. After less than an hour photographing Nicky getting ready, it was obvious to both myself and 2nd photographer Kevin that Nicky is an angel!


Photographing someone’s wedding is a very intimate experience and it really helps to know your subjects well. Nicky has a soft spot for her little doggies and they even had special wedding outfits! It was fun capturing unique little things like this and really supports the fact that every wedding is different.

We captured these pre-wedding photos in the house Nicky grew up in Escondido . We got creative and used natural light for 90% of the portraits. My favorite is the one that Nicky is leaning on the white wall, which is literally right behind the front door. So I opened the front door to let in that let and actually shot these from outside! Nicky is really photogenic so I cant take too much credit for these photos!

Photographing the wedding ceremony at Saint Mary’s was enjoyable and stress free. Though there wasn’t much light in the church and we weren’t allowed to use flash, I wasn’t concerned because both myself and second shooter were armed with the 5D Mark II and Canon L lenses with Image Stabilization. Our gear really gives us an advantage in low light. The layout of the church is very open and we were allowed viewpoints 270 degrees around the altar. So we got to photograph their reactions to everything during the wedding ceremony.

After the ceremony the limo never showed up to pick up the bridal party. L Fortunately, we were waiting with the bridal party during that time and captured most of the bridal portraits then. Typically, something goes wrong at every wedding and I would say that lately it has been the limo. But this didn’t ruin there day, they were able to hitch hike to Valley Center and make it to Bates Nut Farm in time for their grand entrance!!!

What a fun celebration they had waiting for them at Bates Nut Farm. I love the atmosphere at Bates and the owners are really nice people. Kenny Gibbs the DJ of Total Quality Music did an amazing job! Everyone felt comfortable, enjoyed themselves, and had fun celebrating that Tony and Nicky had found true love! It is not often I recommend a DJ, but Kenny is truly the cream of the crop.

I can’t forget to give Kevin major props for sharing his talents and shooting with me the entire day, he was truly awesome. Without further ado, please enjoy the wedding photographs below.

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Once their wedding video is also ready I will have it posted on the wedding videography blog.


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